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During the April 18, 2018 NCAC monthly meeting, newly voted-in representatives were seated on the board.   In addition, the council held its election of officers and seating of appointed committee nominees.  Results are provided below.  These are also reflected on the “Council Members” website page under the main menu item entitled “About the Council”.

Newly seated or returning representatives are from Areas 2, 4, 6 and 8.  Appointment committees during this election cycle were Agriculture and Environmental.   In addition, a replacement representative was seated for Area 1 (San Simeon), which had recently been vacated.  Area 8 alternate will be nominated and voted upon at May Meeting.

Executive Committee 
Chair, Susan McDonald
Vice Chair, Cindy Steidel
Secretary, Marj Sewell
Treasurer, Mike Lyons
Corresponding Secretary, Hank Krzciuk
Business, Alternate   Mitchel Gregory
Agriculture, Beth Kendall, Chair   Alternate Open
Environmental, Bruce Mumper, Chair    Mary Webb, Alternate
Standing Committees
Transportation, Co-Chairs  Aaron Linn, Tom Gray
Land Use, Co Chairs  Mike Lyons, Don Sather
Community Outreach, Dixie Walker, Chair
Area Representatives
Area 2, John Nixon Rep, Iggy Fedoroff Alternate
Area 4, Susan McDonald Rep, Don Sather Alternate
Area 6, Cindy Steidel Rep, Tom Gray Alternate
Area 8, Dixie Walker Rep, Tamara Corbet Alternate (May NCAC Meeting)