Agenda for Regular Meeting August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Rabobank Community Room
1070 Main St., Cambria, 6:30 PM


I. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum                

II. Consent Agenda

a. Agenda Approval:
b. Minutes Approval: July 2017 (Attachment A)

III. Public/Council Comment:  Limited to items NOT on the agenda (3min per person).

IV. Regular Public Agency Reports:    

a. Public Safety: Commander Voge 
b. Cambria Community Services District:  
Director Bahringer
c. County Supervisor: Supervisor Gibson (Cherie McKee)
d. County Planning: Airlin Singewald

V. Regular Business:

a.  Land Use Committee: Laurel Stuart (Attachment B) 
DRC2016-00127 New Project Referral;
Proposed MUP for the construction of a state park campground with 14 cabins, 29 campsites, a restroom building, 59 parking spaces and entry kiosk at 16420 Highway 1, San Simeon. APN 011-231-012

DRC2016-00133  GARCIA: Proposed  MUP  to  convert  an  existing  Single  Family Residence  into  a  guest house  and  build  a  new  Single  Family  Residence  with  a garage  and  balcony.  Project  location  is  2575 Burton Drive in Cambria, APN 023-293-059

LRP2015-00014/County  of  SLO.  Public  Review  Draft  of  proposed  amendments  to  the  Land  Use Element/Local Coastal Plan (North Coast Area Plan) and the Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance-Title 23 of the County Code applicable to the Cambria Transfer of Development Credits program.  This project was  authorized  by  the  County  Board  of  Supervisors  on  November  15,  2016.  The  draft  amendments would  expand  the  range  of  potential  “sender  sites”  (lots  which  would  be  retired  and  no  longer  be
eligible for residential development) and would clarify language for “receiver sites” (lots for which an applicant could apply for a land  use  permit for a larger residence through the purchase of  TDC’s).

VI. NCAC Reports

a. Transportation Committee: Open
b. Website Committee Report: Dixie Walker
cTreasurer’s Report: Mike Lyons
dEnvironmental Report: Bruce Mumper
e. Corresponding Secretary’s Report:  Laurel Stuart
f. Community Outreach Committee: Dixie Walker 

VII. Old Business:  

VIII. New Business:  

Adjourn :