Agenda June 20 2018

I. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum

II. Consent Agenda
a. Agenda Approval
b. Minutes Approval: May 2018 (Attachment A)

III. Public/Council Comment: Limited to items NOT on the agenda (3 min per person).

IV. Regular Public Agency Reports:
a. Public Safety: Commander Jim Voge
b. Cambria Community Services District: Director Jim Bahringer
c. County Supervisor: Supervisor Bruce Gibson (Cherie McKee)
d. County Planning: Airlin Singewald
e. County Public Works: Michael Britton

V. Regular Business:
a. Proposal to Initiate International Dark Skies Certification for Cambria, Beautify Cambria (Attachment B)
b. Storm Flooding, Pinedorado Grounds, Cambria Lions Club
c. Land Use Committee: Don Sather, Mike Lyons (Attachment C)

All referrals may be found at:
1) DRC2018-00049 SFC COMMUNICATION – Proposed Minor Use Permit to install a 78’-6” mono-pine telecommunications facility located at 812 Hartford St., Cambria. Planner: Young Choi, date referred 5/1/18.
2) DRC2018-00068 BRAUN – Proposed Minor Use permit to add a new 832 sq ft Detached garage at 1475 Berwick, Cambria. Planner: Cody Scheel, date referred: 5/17/18
3) DRC2018-00059 MARTIN – Proposed Minor Use permit to repair fire damage at 324 Bristol St., Cambria. Planner: Schani Song, date referred 5/9/18

VI. Reports
a. Transportation Committee: Aaron Linn, Tom Gray
b. Treasurer’s Report: Mike Lyons (Attachment D)
d. Environmental Report: Bruce Mumper
e. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Hank Krzciuk
f. Community Outreach Committee: Dixie Walker
g. Latino/Latina Report: Dante Garcia
h. Agriculture Report: Beth Kendall
i. Business Report: Aaron Linn

VII. Old Business:
a. CAC Training Recap

VIII. New Business: (For future meetings)
County Mining Designation Amendments Cannabis Ordinance
Adjourn :