Agenda for Regular Meeting – June 17, 2015


Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Rabobank Community Room

1070 Main St., Cambria, 6:30 PM



  1. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum              
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Agenda Approval:
  4. Minutes Approval: May 2015 (Attachment A)

III. Public/Council Comment: Limited to items NOT on the agenda (3 min per person).

  1. I Regular Public Agency Reports  
  2. Public Safety: Commander Taylor / Parker / Sargent MacDonald / Odom
  3. Cambria Community Services District: Director Clift
  4. County Supervisor: Supervisor Gibson
  5. County Planning: Airlin Singewald


  1. Forest Committee Signage: Crosby and Laura Swartz (Attachment B)
  2. Cambria Firesafe Focus Group: Shirley Bianchi

VII. Regular Business:

  1. Land Use Committee: Mary Webb, Chair (Attachment C)
  2. Reconsideration of Resolution 3/19/14: Ted Siegler/Cece Lomeli (Attachment D)


VIII. NCAC Reports

  1. Transportation Committee: Tony Church- (Attachment E)
  2. Website Committee Report: Ted Siegler
  3. c. Treasurer’s Report: Heide Santos
  4. d. Environmental Report: Mary Webb
  5. Latino/Latina Report: Cesilia Lomeli
  6. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Cesilia Lomeli
  7. Community Outreach: Members
  8. Bylaw Committee Report: Ted Siegler                                                             I. Executive Committee Report: Bruce Fosdike (Attachment F)
  9. Old Business:
  10. New Business: Appointment of Committee Chairs

Adjourn :

NCAC June 17, 2015 Agenda