Agenda For Regular Meeting – May 20, 2015

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
Rabobank Community Room
1070 Main St., Cambria, 6:30 PM


I. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum

II. Consent Agenda
a. Agenda Approval:
b. Minutes Approval: April 2015 (Attachment A)

III. Public/Council Comment: Limited to items NOT on the agenda (3 min per person).

IV. Regular Public Agency Reports
a. Public Safety: Commander Taylor / Parker / Sargent MacDonald / Odom
b. Cambria Community Services District: Director Clift
c. San Luis Regional Transit Authority: Geoff Straw
d. County Supervisor: Supervisor Gibson
e. County Planning: Airlin Singewald

V. Regular Business:
a. Land Use Committee: Mary Webb, Chair (Attachment B)
1. DRC2014-00110 Avalos – Proposed MUP to add 320sf to an existing 357sf deck at 1976 Emmons Rd. Cambria APN 023-095-037
2. DRC2014-00099 Montez – Proposed MUP to replace existing 70sf permeable second story deck with a 595sf permeable deck at 731 Cornwall Cambria APN 022-093-037 (this was originally on our March Agenda) Direct link to MONTEZ referral package
3. DRC2014-00127 Beck – Proposed MUP for a 2 story addition to a SFR including a new master bedroom/bath with deck, kitchen/dining area, 2nd floor deck, and storage area at 2020 Chester Ln. Cambria APN 023-064-023

VI. NCAC Reports
a. Transportation Committee: Tony Church- (Attachment C)
b. Website Committee Report: Roland Soucie
c. Treasurer’s Report: Heide Santos
d. Environmental Report: Mary Webb
e. Latino/Latina Report: Cesilia Lomeli
f. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Haskins
g. Community Outreach: Members

VII. Old Business: Safety Committee Development request (Attachment D)

VIII. Election/Bylaw Committee: Ted Siegler – Election Results (Attachment E)
a. Seating of new members

IX. New Business: Election of Officers

Adjourn :

 NCAC Agenda 5-20-15 + Attachments