Agenda for Regular Meeting of NCAC – Sept. 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
Rabobank Community Room
1070 Main St., Cambria, 6:30 PM

I. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum
II. Consent Agenda
a. Agenda Approval:
b. Minutes Approval:— August 20th 2014 (Attachment A)
III. Public/Council Comment: Limited to items NOT on the agenda (3 min per person).
IV. Regular Public Agency Reports
a. Public Safety: Commander Nix / Sargent MacDonald / Odom
b. Cambria Community Services District: Director Bahringer
Weekend refuse removal issue
c. County Supervisor: Supervisor Gibson
d. County Planning & Building: Airlin Singewald
V. Regular Business:
a. Land Use Committee: Laurel Stewart, Chair (Attachment B)
1. DRC2014-00011 Persinger – Proposed removal of an existing SFR at 628
Huntington Rd. and replacing with a new 1609sq. ft. SFR. APN 022-343-024.

2. Red Mtn Rd. – Grading project review and letter request. (Letter Attachment C)
3. The Hamlet project review
4. DRC2013-00112 Cambria CSD – Proposed follow-up development plan/CDP for 250
AFY capacity emergency back-up water treatment supply project on San Simeon Creek.
(Emergency permit issued 5/15/14) APN 013-051-024/008.

VI. NCAC Reports
a. Transportation Committee: Tony Church (No Report)
b. Website Committee Report: Roland Soucie
c. Treasurer’s Report: Heide Santos
d. Environmental Report: Vari Macneil
e. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Haskins
f. Farmer’s Market Community Outreach Report:
VII. Old Business:
VIII. New Business:

NCAC Meeting Agenda 9-17-14 + attachments + NCAC Minutes 8-20-14 (PDF)

Attachment B
Land Use Project and Meeting Report, September, 2014
The LUC met on 9/9/14. Laurel Stewart, Vari McNeil, Mary Webb, Steve Cole, Jason Anderson, Marj Sewell in attendance. Also attending and joining committee as new members: Tony Church, NCAC rep., and Bob Sfarzo, public member. Guest: Celeste Goyer.
Note: Go to and click on coastal to find this project application.
1. Project: DRC2014-00011 PERSINGER: This is a proposal for a MUP to remove an existing SFR and replace with a SFR of 1609 sf with a 305 sf attached garage. The site is located at 628 Huntington Rd. on Park Hill, Cambria. APN: 022-343-024
Summary The Persinger’s want to demolish the existing 944 sf, 1-bedroom and 1-bath home on this site. They propose building a new home with a gross structural area of 1,914 sf, which is larger than allowed on their standard 3,350 sf lot. To build larger than allowed, they propose acquiring 191 sf of transfer-of-development credits (TDCs). Plans show a 2-bedroom, 2-bath replacement home, with addition of 7 new water-using fixtures.
1 – Trees. The applicant had already removed 2 mature Monterey pines by hazardous tree removal permit 8 months before applying for this MUP. The MUP application states there are “no Mont. Pine, no oak” on site. The plans, however, show a 6” oak located in the proposed driveway, at the proposed garage entrance. When removed, it must be replaced 6:1, preferably on site. It appears the owner has planted 3 pine seedlings of some species, inches away from each other, in the right-of-way, beneath utility lines. (Replacement for Mont. Pines removed is 4:1, thus 8 pines should have been planted to replace to two removed in December, 2013 – on site or off site, with County approval.)
2 – Water. Due to limited available groundwater and current Title 4 Stage 3 water Shortage Emergency Conditions, on 3/19/14 the NCAC adopted an advisory resolution recommending that the County not approve new construction in Cambria until a long term water supply has been approved by regulatory agencies and is in operation, and that remodeling permits within the Cambria CSD be approved only if no additional fixtures are added and all existing fixtures are replaced with current 2 to 1 water savings requirements.
This project not only adds 7 new water-using fixtures. Although the application asks for 3 bedrooms in the new SFR, the plans show 2 (unless the mezzanine is intended as a third bedroom); addition of bedrooms allows greater occupancy, and consequently greater potential water use
3 – TDCs. The project calls for purchase of 191 sf of TDCs. The North Coast Area Plan, p. 7-64, says, “Payment of fees. Under this program, a fee may be paid to the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County or another TDC program administrator approved by the Director of Planning and Building. The fee must be adequate to allow for purchase of typical lots within the preservation (special study) areas, plus sewer and administration costs.” Neither the Land Conservancy, nor any other area administrator, is currently involved in purchasing lots for preservation. There is no active program to retire lots.
1 – When Mont. Pine are removed from beneath utility lines because they are deemed a hazard to the lines, replacement planting should not take place beneath those same utility lines. The County should only approve a viable spacing of replacement plantings, and should verify and enforce planting off-site when it is necessary, and verify planting of the correct species, Pinus radiata macrocarpa and Quercus agrifolia, as specified in the NCAP.
2 – It appears the NCAC can not recommend approval of this project on the basis of its previous water-related resolution of 3/19/14.
3 – As there is no active lot purchase and retirement program, no TDCs can be allowed, therefore the excess GSA of the project precludes the NCAC making a recommendation for approval.
On 9/2/14 architect Dave Einung wrote: “I am not able to [attend] due to scheduling constraints. I am confident that the house, as designed, fits within all regulations, design criteria and guidelines of the North Coast Area Plan. I hope you agree.”
Recommend not to approve project.
Other LUC meeting topics:
2. Red Mountain Rd. Grading Issue: The committee recommends that the NCAC endorse and send a letter to County, copied to Sharif Traylor of Coastal Commission Code Enforcement and to Bruce Gibson, voicing concern regarding grading taking place on properties owned by Centrally Grown/Off the Grid in the San Simeon Creek/Van Gordon Creek drainages (the Red Mountain area). The draft letter to Marie Cowan of County Code Enforcement from Jason Anderson is to be e-mailed to the NCAC for review prior to 9/17/14.
3. Hamlet Project Review: The committee recommends that the NCAC send a letter expressing concern regarding apparent excessive grading and violations occurring at 7432 Exotic Garden Drive, Cambria, including (1) construction exceeding the scope of work allowed under permit DRC2012-00056, and (2) the unpermitted demolition of structures described in MUP DRC2012-00119 while it is still under appeal to the Board of Supervisors.
4. Project: DRC2013-00112 CAMBRIA CSD: The water project remains incomplete and insufficient for review. Agencies recommend substantial design changes and possible relocation of the project. Grading of the proposed brine storage pond began on August 27th and occurred without Best Management Practices in violation of Emergency Permit ZON2013-00589 (p. 4). No water truck to control dust was on site until the morning of August 29th. Materials from the former effluent pond (labeled “biohazard”) were thrown hundreds of feet in the air near the busy campground. Code Enforcement, CCSD, and the Air Pollution Control District were notified
4 – The committee recommends that NCAC combine the Traffic and Land Use committees, at the request of Traffic.
5 – The committee noted (and is looking into):
? grading and building of retaining walls at a Madison St. address
? additions to an antique dealership on Main
? tree removal on Cardiff (revisiting)