Click here for Information on County Road Repairs due to Prior Storm Damage

New Enforcement hours from the County.  The Planning and Building Department Code Enforcement Section has extended its on-call availability for Weekends and Holidays.  You can reach an officer directly at (805) 788-2350 during these hours:  Friday 5:00pm until 10:00pm, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 8:00am until 10:00pm.   This service will allow people to report violations such as unpermitted grading, work that is causing environmental damage, unpermitted temporary events and violations of event conditions.

Handy Contact Numbers. Check out our Resources Tab in the Menu above.  You’ll find many helpful contacts.  Just added – Vacation Rental Compliance.  (435)-787-4357.   This is the number for Host Compliance, the firm contract to investigate complaints related to unlicensed Vacation Rentals and Air B&B’s.  For issues with licensed Vacation Rentals, continue to contact Code Enforcement.


The North Coast Advisory Council is one of several advisory councils established by San Luis Obispo County to provide community input to planning decisions.

Mission: The Council’s Mission is to establish an organization truly representative of the people of the North Coast Area in matters of civic interest, and to represent the community before all bodies, public and private, where the subject is appropriate to the objectives of the NCAC.