Agenda for Regular NCAC Meeting – April 16, 2014

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014
Rabobank Community Room
1070 Main St., Cambria, 6:30 PM
I. Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum
II. Consent Agenda
a. Agenda Approval:
b. Minutes Approval:—March 19th, 2014 (Attachment A)
III. Public comment period: Council and community members discussion will be limited to items NOT on the agenda.
IV. Regular Public Agency Reports
a. Public Safety: Sargent Odom
b. County Planning & Building: Airlin Singewald – update on prior projects.
c. CCSD: Muril Clif – special meeting report
d. County Supervisor: Bruce Gibson
V. Regular Business:
a. Special NCAC meeting Friday April 11th 2014: Claudia Harmon Worthen – Election processes
b. 2014 Election: Claudia Harmon Worthen – Announcing candidates for regular and alternate member positions.
c. Business signage: Claudia Harmon Worthen – Commercial signage, banners, and sandwich boards.
d. Land Use Committee: Laurel Stewart, Chair – No projects were submitted.

Project Applications can be found on the county website at: Click on Coastal

e. Transportation Committee: Bruce Fosdike, Chair – No new projects.
1. Main St. Bridge will start construction again soon.
2. Eaton “Safe Routes to School” sidewalk project (5 year project or more).
3. Burton Rd. from Eton to Creek path – feasibility studies for possible future project (2 year timeframe)
f. Treasurer’s Report – Heide Santos
g. Corresponding Secretary’s Report: Linda Haskins

VI. NCAC Reports
a. Environmental Report: Mary Giacoletti
b. NCAC Website Report: Roland Soucie
c. Community Outreach Report:
VII. New Business:
VIII. Old Business:

April 2014 Agenda plus Minutes (PDF)


March 19, 2014


PRESENT: Bambi Fields, Claudia Harmon Worthen, Marjorie Sewell, Ralph Covell, Roland Soucie, Linda Haskins, Bruce Fosdike, Lucille Bosco, Carolyn Shepherd, Jason Anderson, Laurel Stewart, Clyde Fincham, Mike McLaughlin, Mary Giacolleti.

NOT PRESENT: Dawn Dunlap, CeCe Lomeli, MacVan Duzer, Heide Santos, Debbie Mix, Bob McLaughlin.


AGENDA APPROVAL- Agenda was approved with the addition of a water resolution letter submitted by Mary Webb. Mike McLaughlin motioned to add it to the agenda, Roland Soucie seconded. The vote was approved unanimously.

The minutes of the February 19th meeting were discussed. The minutes were approved as written. Bruce Fosdike motioned, Carolyn Shepherd seconded. It was approved unanimously.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Tim Covello, candidate for District Attorney in the next election spoke introducing himself and requested support.

Claudia reported that Tom Gray resigned from Area 6 due to his new position with the CCSD.

Dana Lily (Planning Dept.) addressed comments concerning made about the land use process after submission of recommendations.


PUBLIC SAFETY: Sheriff Odom. Reported the following:
• 309 service calls for crime, 100 less calls than in January 2014.
• Things they do: slow down accidents.
• Lot of orders for Hwy 1 incidents.
• Highway 46 west is a raceway.
• 40 medical calls.
• 5 burglaries.

Question was asked concerning a body found near San Simeon. Kathe Tanner from “The Cambrian” gave some details. Awaiting autopsy report.


Jim Bergman, new Planning Director, introduced himself to the Council.

Terry Wahler, Community Advisory Group liaison spoke regarding Title 23 & 22 Housing Element Update. He gave a report on affordable housing followed by questions from the Council and audience concerning vacation rentals and reasonable accommodation.


Bruce reported that the Council’s funding is in process. Water needs and mitigations in relation to the AMGEN Tour was discussed. He also spoke on water use and emergency water supply. Sacramento is well aware of our water crises. Questions followed.

FARMERS MARKET COMMUNITY OUTREACH REPORT- Carolyn Shepherd reported all went well; many water issue questions and concerns.

Jeff Walters had a question for Ralph Covell and was asked to return next meeting during public comment.

RESOLUTION: Mary Webb submitted a resolution to Council, providing that if no future permanent water sources are developed, County needs to restrict further building. A motion was made by Bruce Fosdike and seconded by Lucille Bosco with amendments to last two paragraphs. Vote was unanimous to approve as amended.

Land Use Committee: Laurel Stewart, Chair
RE: DRC 2013-00061 KENT, APN 023-021-031
Minor use permit to build a new 600 square feet 1 bedroom guest house. Site address is 2561 Victoria Way, Cambria. The project site is zoned Residential Single Family.

A motion was made to deny due to the following stated reasons:

1. The project is not compatible with the neighborhood.

2. Lack of water to support all elements of the North Coast Area Plan, and Title 23 of the Local Coastal Plan.

3. Based on a critical water shortage emergency declared in Cambria with water rationing in effect as of March 1, 2014.

4. CCSD Water Production reports show increased water use in 2013 and the highest amount of water used in a single month of January in 26 years.

Also submitted was Land Use Committee’s list of concerns along with the denial. Motion for denial by Bruce Fosdike, seconded by Jason Anderson. 9 in favor and 1 abstention to deny.


Linda Haskins reported that letters have been sent to Airlin Singewald of County Planning regarding Brockman, Neal, Tucker, and County of San Luis Obispo. Claudia announced that Bob McLaughlin will compose a letter to The Cambrian for publishing regarding anti-discrimination. Linda will assist Bob with this.

Claudia Harmon-Worthen – discussed election issues for election in May.

ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT: No report from Mary Giacoletti

WEBSITE REPORT: Roland Soucie reported that the NCAC website is up to date and current agendas and minutes are on the site. He has received good comments on it. Bruce Fosdike recommended that we put the new Building Restriction Resolution on the website.


Adjournment of the meeting: Lucille Bosco motioned adjournment and Bruce Fosdike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

NCAC Motion Regarding Water As It Relates To Land Use

NCAC Motion regarding water as it relates to Land Use

Whereas, on January 31, 2014 the Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) Board of Directors declared a Title 4 Stage 3 Water Shortage Emergency Condition and implemented Stage 3 Water Conservation Program with enhanced water conservation measures enacting severe penalties for violations.

Whereas, the CCSD Board of Directors has found that the demands and requirements of water consumers cannot be satisfied without depleting the water supply of the CCSD to the extent that there would be insufficient water for human consumption, sanitation and fire protection.

Whereas, the groundwater supply for Cambria, California, is no more than 150 Acre Feet.

Whereas, the CCSD Water Production Report shows increased water use in 2013 and the highest amount of water used in a single month of January in 26 years.

Whereas, extremely dry conditions have persisted since 2012 and may continue beyond this year and more regularly into the future, based on scientific projections regarding the impact of climate change on California.

Whereas, water is not available to support all elements of the North Coast Area Plan, and Title 23 (Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance), and the Local Coastal Plan.

Therefore, be it resolved, that the North Coast Advisory Council strongly urges and advises San Luis Obispo County to not approve permits for any new home or commercial construction that would be provided water services by the CSD in Cambria, CA until a long term water supply project for Cambria, CA has been approved by regulatory agencies and is in operation and;

that San Luis Obispo County approve permits for remodeling within the Cambria Community Services District on the condition that no additional fixtures are added and all existing fixtures are replaced with current 2 to 1 water savings requirements.

Passed unanimously by a vote of 10-0
North Coast Advisory Council meeting 3/19/14